From farm tours to workshops and classes on farm crafts and sustainable living, we love to connect folks with the land, the farm and their local food sources.

When you schedule a Basic Farm Tour, we personally lead you through our veggie, herb, and flower gardens where you will learn about sustainable living, organic growing practices, crop rotation, and good varieties to grow in the coastal garden, etc.  Then we will visit the livestock and learn about dairy goats and the operation of a Grade A raw goat milk micro-dairy.  Every tour finishes with a taste of fresh whole goat milk and time for questions and answers.  Plan about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the age range of your group.  $3 per person.  Max group 25 people.

If you are more interested in keeping goats yourself then our Goat Keeping 101 class is for you.  You learn about the different breeds of dairy goats, housing, fencing, nutrition, goat health & management, hoof care, vaccines, disbudding, breeding/kidding and the ins and outs of operating a small Grade A dairy.  We offer this more intensive tour to individuals and very small groups.  Bring your questions, spend one on one time with the owner/operator, and come away with answers and some helpful resources.  By appointment.  $50 per person.  Discount rate for 3 to 6 people as a group.

Our standard milk/cheese classes are:

1.      Full Circle Tour – A great way to begin your cheese making experience.  We start by touring the gardens, move on to meet the livestock and circle around to the milk house where you will learn to milk a goat then make a simple and tasty cheese using the milk right from your bucket.  2 hours, $10 per person 5 to 10 people.

 2. Milkmaid Tour – A great way to see if you really want to get milk goats yourself. Come and do morning chores with us, then learn to milk the goats by hand and machine. Experience the hands on basic care needed to get your own fresh goats milk.  2 hours, $5 per person. 5 to 10 people.

 3.     “3 Cheeses in 3 Hours” Where our focus is cheese, cheese, and more cheese.  Following a brief tour of the farm, gardens and pastures we will gather in the milkhouse kitchen where I will demonstrate the making of three easy soft cheeses using our fresh Grade “A” goat milk (my choice of feta, queso fresco, mozzarella, whole milk ricotta, etc).  I also offer tips on making whey ricotta & chevre/fromage blanc (and share samples when available).  Bring your appetite, I promise you will not depart hungry.  Recipes are included with your participation.   $35 per person, 5 to 10 people. Have milk will travel to your location – call me for pricing.

 4.     Lets get cultured- Making Kefir, Yogurt & Kombucha  You’ve been buying it at the local store for years, you’ve read all the health info that encourages you to add probiotics to your daily diet for gut health, you are ready to take the next step.  In this class we will teach you how to make your own (milk or water) kefir, yogurt, and kombucha.  We will cover the basics of what each product is, the common benefits, and the basic how to’s.  Bring your notepad, and bring a friend.  2.5 hours $25 per person, includes a starter jar with grains, cultures or scoby and easy directions to take home.

5. Advanced Cheese Making  This day will involve the ‘hands on’ aspects of making hard and soft cheeses.  There will be discussion about seasonal milk supply, pros and cons of heat treatment of milk for cheese, starter cultures, rennets, equipment, and hygiene.  We will make a simple pressed cheese, farmhouse cheddar and a marinated cheese.   Please email for more details on this class.

Tours and classes are only done by appointment.

Call or email today to get on the schedule.

Tim and Casey Price

843-559-1678 or text me 843-276-3115