The bulbs are blooming all over the farm this morning. Daffodils, jonquils, snowdrops, narcissus. I’ve been cleaning out the beds and the barn for the past several days, even got some color (also known as a farmers tan) while working. After chores this morning I trimmed Legacy’s feet (ya, I know, he needs a nickname. Got any ideas? LMK), wormed him (safeguard) and decided since he now weighs 35lbs and is riding the little girls, it’s time to go in with the big boys. He’s been cryin’ the blues ever since. Quigley and Bruisar gave him a quick sniff and are taking a sun bath before the rain comes (at least it looks and feels like rain). I did my best to snap a photo or two as I am expecting this little gent to get big fast. He is very sweet like his daddy but much more mouthy. I am still trying to come up with a name for his sister who is also staying in the herd to expand the Rocket influence – name ideas for her are welcome too.

Rocket's Legacy